2017 Ford Transit Vs 2016 Ford Transit Connect

Well, businesses depend on load pulling cargo vans to provide the right kind of capabilities. Both, the 2016 Ford Transit Connect and 2017 Ford Transit are fantastic alternatives that businesses would significantly benefit from. Given their incredible design and strong capabilities, surely each of the Ford Transit would prove to be an exceptional asset. Surely, selecting the right Transit should be a breeze for businesses! That’s why we have decided to compare both 2017 Ford Transit and 2016 Transit Connect variants, and their comparisons are mentioned below:

Safety & Technology

You will definitely want to make sure the van used for your business has all the safety and technology you long for. The 2016 Transit Connect is integrated with the safety and technology features. The twin-zone temperature control can keep everyone at ease while on the move and the rear camera view can aid you with a better visibility while taking a reverse. Furthermore, you will enjoy SYNC technology for phone calls and music. The incorporated rain-sensing windshield wipers will automatically turn on when wetness is sensed and the blind spot monitor will inform you when an object is in your blind spot. Also, the integrated forward and reverse sensing systems will aid in keeping you safe.

On the other hand, the 2017 Transit has incorporated SYNC 3 technology, which will assist you to connect your smart phone to the vehicle in order to make phone calls and access music. In case your vehicle begins to drift, the Lane Keeping Alert system renders you with a warning, which the available Ford’s Telematics system assists you to maintain a better overview of your fleet. Moreover, to safeguard your journey, it is integrated with front and side curtain airbags with safety canopy system. Besides, you’ll enjoy Sirius XM radio for fantastic entertainment.


Both Transit versions have something in common as well as something that’s unique. Each of the Ford Transit versions provides options of passenger wagon and cargo van facilitating you to acquire the look that is perfect for you. In addition, you can select from three body lengths, three roof heights, and two wheelbases. That means you can totally customise these Transit vehicles and build them according to your needs.

All right, coming to the 2016 Transit Connect, the 2nd-row fold-flat bucket seats make a huge amount of cargo storage that you can use to your benefit. Actually, you can acquire up to 128.6 cubic feet of cargo room with this version. This vehicle arrives with standard sliding side doors, and you can select between 180-degree swing-out cargo doors or a lift gate. Nonetheless, the Transit Connect is a smaller variant, so you’ll be able to accommodate up to seven passengers only in this variant. As for the interior, you can select cloth, vinyl or leather seats, as well as a heated driver and passenger seats, are available. What’s more, you can customise Transit Connect and add your own custom graphics to the vehicle’s exterior.

In comparison, the 2017 Transit is a much bigger option as this vehicle can accommodate up to 15 passengers, which certainly makes an impressive choice for businesses, which would need to transport several people. This vehicle gets an adjustable driver’s seat and ergonomic gauges on the instrument panel. As Transit provides multiple window configurations, you can get the desired look for the vehicle and the available heated seats render a relaxing ride even in colder weather conditions. Additionally, you can select a sliding or hinged cargo door, and you can feel cargo volumes ranging between 246 cubic feet & 487 cubic feet. What’s more, you can have four circuits that can effortlessly operate heavy-duty equipment.

Bottom Line

Indeed, you cannot go wrong when you choose from a vast range of 2016 Ford Transit Connect and 2017 Ford Transit models. Whether you need a van that is large or modest, you can always rely on each of these Ford Transit models to rise up to the occasion and deliver. Right away, visit your nearest Ford dealer to uncover the Ford Transit for Sale offers. Clearly, your business will tremendously benefit by owning the right cargo van.