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Though technically speaking, a gear shifter doesn’t need to be beautiful to accomplish its task. But still, we have to recognize automaker’s efforts to make it interesting.

Most drivers were trained before to handle a stick shifter which had perpendicular lines drawn on it depicting gears. But for modern cars, even shifters have become a style statement. As the automatic transmission became independent from the shifter, automobile designers are free to do whatever they can do with the shifter’s design.

There are various weird designs which have nearly given away to buttons and selectors. Check out some of the weird yet amazing shifters of amazing think tanks.

Push Button shifting

Late 50-60s Chrysler products had push button shifters. It isn’t that revolutionary but Chrysler added buttons to the dashes of some of its models. Edsel even tried putting it on steering wheel.

It doesn’t mean that push buttons have been extinct. You can find push buttons Aston Martin and Lincoln cars. Modern car makers like Ferrari, GMC, Honda and Acura employ this system in some of their vehicles.

Nub shifter

This modernized version of classic gated shifter lever has been common with the second generation Toyota Prius. This mouse like nub but somewhat different looking has also been employed in Nissan leaf.

Thanks to modern car technology and electronics, big levers and linkages can give way to a small knob that only has to be slid an inch or so left, right, fore or aft.

Rotary Dial shifter

Many new car buyers over the past few years have probably been surprised to find a dial or a row of buttons where they expected to find the automatic transmission lever.

It became common in 1950s when Jaguar introduced it on its XF sedan. While Jaguar’s had an extra dash of pizazz because it rose from the center console, other automakers installed more basic version.

Due to its monostable design, this shifter is leading to some confusion.

Horseshoe Ratchet

We love our muscle cars with H pattern manual gearboxes, but the horseshoe Ratchet GM fit to the Camaro and other cars is spectacular.

Though it works the same way other shifters work but it mingles with this sort of car so well.

Monostable shifter

This shifter was designed by German supplier ZF, but fiat chrsyler has employed this shifter into various jeep, dodge cars and Chrysler vehicles.

The company though stated that it complements with Jeep auto parts but main purpose was to optimize safety mechanism. But it has already got so many complaints on the national highway traffic safety administration’s database.


This mushroom shaped unit does not slide up and down entirely the way a traditional automatic shifter does but it can be moved back or forward while changing gears, after which it returns to center.

Its more conventional looking versions are used by Chrysler and Audi and it works more like modern ones. But regarding safety concerns, as you can’t figure out what gear you are in from the shifter’s location, people often failed to put the car in the park and often got into accidents.

This issue had already triggered the company to recall its vehicles.

Hurst lightning rods

With the early 1980s starting to signal the return of performance cars in Detroit, manufacturers got creative in finding unique ways and angles to use to promote cars. Lightning rods would be singular speed part everyone would like to see again.

Designed to give the visual appeal that Lenco style shifter handles give it also allows the driver to manually control the automatic transmission.

The one on the left is normal PRND shifter, while the one of the far right shifts from first to second and the one in the middle handles second to third.

Stalk shifter

Mercedes designers were able to simplify the design of stalk shifters into its center console. It offers some of the nicest interiors because it doesn’t have to dedicate console space to a big, unnecessary shifter.

Mercedes Benz stalk shifter differs in some ways. It is smaller than the old ones and it also stays at one place rather than moving to a new position for each gear and foregoes PRNDL layout.

Honda Civic Si’s dash mounted shifter

the dash mounted shifter on the 2002- 2005 Honda civic Si is really a weird looking shifter but it at the same time allows the driver to shift without having to move their hand too far from the steering wheel, while maintaining a nice, short throw and freeing up space between the seats.

Pagani Huayra

Horacio Pagani’s shifter for single clutch gearbox is no exception. It uses all kinds of springs and linkages to create a perfect feel, should you decide to use it instead of paddle shifters.

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