Lenovo HW02 Heart Rate Smart band

Lenovo is back on the track with additional masterpiece called Lenovo HW02 Heart Rate Smart band. The technology gigantic Lenovo offers kept no lack of amazing gadgets. And now, the Firm again excites the purchasers by its very lively Smart band that comes overloaded with the excessive amount of features. The small price tag along with the excessive features would certainly make you crave for this masterwork. So let us rapidly take a review of the intelligent band and distinguish more about.
Lenovo HW02 Heart Rate Smart band
As we know around Lenovo have an excessive tech product and they all are doing excessive into the marketplace. Now the consumers are moving to the Lenovo as the firm is introducing the novel tech. So keep that in mind firm has introduced the Heart Rate Smart band name Lenovo HW02. Let’s check out the features which creates it different from others.
Build Quality and Designing

The Lenovo HW02 Heart Rate Smart band somewhat seems just like a typical health band. The display is definitely scrape resistant with the trustworthy pixel resolution of 40 x 72. The OLED display is .42 inch considerable and has a faultless touch key mode. I generally used the watch plus observed that it was pretty easy toward read beneath the sunlight however wearing the watch. Furthermore, even if you have a tendency to become thoughtless with the watch, there would be no scrapes at all. They adaptable watch-style clasp is just sufficient to spare sufficiently of space on the wrist.
The Band Excellence
The band of the watch is prepared up of skin-friendly TPU material that incorporates a metallic buckle. The color accessible for the watch comprises orange, black plus blue. The water-resistant IP67 is just a excessive option for carrying the watch outside.

The Lenovo HW02 Heart Rate Smart Wristband is entrenched with 512k memory power. The heart rate display, pedometer and the added health chasing features create the watch so much diverse from the rest of all the stock accessible at this price range. The watch would provide you some of the maximum excellent features related a sedentary reminder, sleep looking at, calorie counter and also motion tracking. It could act as your reminder by pinging you for the received plus missed calls, SMS and requests.
Battery Performance
Talking around the battery of the watch, it is over quite imposing. With 60mah battery power, the watch is definitely capacitated toward have a standby time of up to 15 days. It takes about 2 hours for the watch toward get charged before you place it by a nil battery level.
Tracks the Number of Steps Taken
Meanwhile the Lenovo HW02 Heart Rate Smart band is a calorie counter, it will count the total number of phases that you take in a day. The watch would inevitably reset itself plus would let you track your exact motions and gestures through the day.
Heart Rate Counter
Tracking the precise heart rate is one of the main selling points of the Lenovo HW02 Heart Rate Smart band.