Parts Avatar would tell some things that every Self-Respecting car buff should know how to do

You must understand this thing that there is no shame in not knowing everything about automobiles. And the people who claim that they know each and everything about cars, this prove that they still don’t. So, being a car owner or even a basic user of automobiles, here are some things which you should definitely know how to do. Have a look at them below:

  • Change your own oil

Is there any requirement that you change your car oil all by yourself every single time? The answer to this question would surely be a big NO, but if you ever go to a quick-lube place and the risk that something might screw up would continuously run in your mind. There is no need to depend upon anyone else as you can do it all by yourself, all you have to do is to get a cheap pair of ramps.

  • Read a dipstick

Dipsticks help you to know that your car has enough oil in it or not. They would also let you know that how bad the oil is and how poorly the car has been maintained.

  • Jump up your car

There is a good way as well as a bad way to jack up your car. If you will put a jack under your oil pan, then this is an excellent way through which you can transfer all the oil from your car engine to the floor of your car garage. There are many areas where you can put a jack. If you are little bit unsure as to how you should do it, then you must consult your owner’s manual. Then you will know the best spot for your car.

  • Change a Tire

These days the run- flat tires are making the existence of spare tires more and more rare. But this is no excuse. You must know how to jack up your car and change a tire. If you are all alone at some place in night and you have to change your car tire to continue the journey, then you need not wait for a mechanic or some other person if you know how to change a car tire all by yourself.

  • Change a spark plug

If your car is not 100% electric, then you have surely got spark plugs. One thing is for sure that they will last longer than the plugs in the older days as they are more advanced in technology. But still at some point of time, you will have to change it and there is no need to visit a mechanic for this purpose as you can do it all by yourself.

  • Identify and change a fuse

All the mechanics have to deal with the electrical problems the entire day. Just imagine that all of your taillights went out together all at once. Initially you will be hoping that it is just a fuse and then you will surely proceed to track down the real culprit based upon the symptoms. You can also refer to your manual for a fuse map.

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