Younger Company owner Steven Voudouris Stocks the Key to Beginning 3 Effective Businesses

Steven Voudouris

Being able to stand out working can be a trial these days, especially in the e-commerce world. It becomes even more difficult when you add social media and technology to the mix. Although there is more competitors today than ever before, it doesn’t mean that ambitious business owners should neglect their goals of starting a small business.

Take the example of Steven Voudouris, chief executive and CEO of Philadelphia-based Turn 5. According to Steven Voudouris, there is one simple key to starting and growing an excellent business.

Steve is operator who started his first organization, Xoxide Inc., at the age of 17, along with his sibling Phil and someone from secondary school. Xoxide offered a structured on the online purchasing encounter for purchasers looking for computer components. The organization quickly outgrew Steve’s underground room, and he features that development to Xoxide always putting the customers’ needs first.

With those training discovered, STEVEN VOUDOURIS moved his concentrate to another one of his interests: the automobile upgraded, the market that offers with the production, remanufacturing, submission, and marketing of car areas and components. It also contains fitting areas, substances, equipment, and additional components. He always had a desire for Honda Mustangs, particularly a 2001 V6 Honda mustang, and it was while he was changing this car that he observed how insufficient the online purchasing encounter was for Honda mustang lovers. He observed there was a huge part of the automobile upgraded missing—and he wished to be the one to fix it.

In 2004 Steven Voudouris released AmericanMuscle, a web store and a large group of Honda mustang lovers that contains beneficial video clips and set up books for changing these vehicles. The site also concentrates on testimonials from other Honda mustang lovers, so one can be assured they are getting the best areas for their automobile.

Turn 5 became the working organization for ExtremeTerrain and AmericanMuscle, both award-winning on the internet stores that offer components, body packages, external and internal areas, recovery systems, and Google, to name a few. These firms concentrate on offering the highest-quality of customer service and upgraded products for Mustangs, F-150s, and Vehicle Wranglers.


All Turn 5 workers are devoted car lovers themselves, so their knowledge and interest you know in each client connections. When talking with clients, the workers discuss their own encounters and are able to help them make a car that is as unique as they are.

Starting an organization in the technical market can be an overwhelming move that results in even the most self-assured entrepreneur a little bit reluctant. Achievements comes from creating an impressive idea and being devoted to that perspective. It also comes from being faithful to clients and those that benefit from this advancement. Following this direction was the key to Steven Voudouris’ success, and the precious session that we can all learn from his example is the benefits of offering a person encounter that is as high-quality as your product.

You might be amazing. Your concept might be amazing. Your business structure might be genuine professional. But what about your employees?

Fourth, he concentrates on providing exclusive value to the client. After all, that’s why he established Turn 5 in the first place. He provided free freight right from the beginning. Not such a novel concept, you might think. But at plenty of your time, that shift rocked the car fanatic world.

Unlike most eCommerce type organizations, Steven Voudouris did not just dispose of a vendor’s production on the site. He had his group (who are all lovers themselves) hand-pick only the various components they would want on their automobiles. No redundancy. No poor-performing areas that would cause to disappointed clients.

For some reason, the high top quality of pictures and video clip in the fanatic market just weren’t what Steven Voudouris predicted. So he modified it. He recognized that clients want to see exactly what they’re getting and assess the top quality before purchasing.

He brought up the bar in the market.

Fifth, he controls technological innovation. These days, that’s almost all anybody does. Steven Voudouris kept his sight on any technical developments in the car areas market. If it was occurring, he desired it to be occurring at Turn 5.

Steve also kept his eye very carefully on technological innovation developments in other areas. If it wasn’t yet occurring in the car fanatic market, it would begin at Turn 5.

“My technique from the beginning was always to be the beginning adopter who places new, working concepts or technological innovation into motion” he says. “If areas could be provided quicker by starting a completely computerized submission center, Turn 5 is going to be getting into the computerized organization to engage in that concept and obtain that aggressive benefits.”