Volvo Heavy-Duty Trucks: Evolution


The biggest interception ever did not occur on the area of Super bowl Weekend. It occurred on Public. Volvo Vehicles opt for more customer-centric philanthropy instead of a big-budget marketing spends. While Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Lincoln and other car organizations used USD 60M to buy ad time during the activity, Volvo obtained a social press landing without getting on the natural.

Next season Volvo Team is going to enjoy its birthday. Not surprisingly, the record of the amazing organization is abundant in popular activities. It has been many years since Volvo made its first heavy-duty diesel fuel automobile. So, let us track the progress of long haul provides from the world’s second biggest heavy-duty automobile producer.

Early 70’s – The level for Volvo engines

1946 was a landmark season in the record of Volvo heavy-duty automobiles. Until that time, the organization had been focusing on Hesselman search engines (though the diesel fuel engine was already far superior). The reason was that one of the co-founders of Volvo, Gustaf Larson, was another technological innovation student of Jonas Hesselman, whose growth required lower growth expenses. But, gradually, the call of the market and the generate for modern change did its aspect and Volvo began to apply diesel fuel search engines of the pre-combustion enter in the new L29 C (‘Civilian’) and the L29 V (‘Road Management vehicle’).


Volvo Vikings’ era

One of the most amazing triumphs for Volvo Trucks was obtained by the Viking sequence. The organization describes the achievements of the sequence by its representational personality. First, it is about ‘V’ correspondence that triggers both business name the design name. Secondly, it shows the authentic ‘Scandinavian’ source that is so common for both the historical Vikings and Volvo automobiles.

The Viking L38 and the improved L48 designs were important for the 7-litre direct-injection engine and the choice between two or three axle editions (frequently presenting all-wheel-drive system).

The Titan’s fame

The Powerhouse is another emphatic name in automobile record. Its developers were among the leaders to make a cutting-edge in engine technological innovation. Later on, they presented the L39 (followed by L49) with a turbo diesel that enhanced the engine outcome from 150 to 185 bop. In the following several years your automobile also obtained such excellent functions as the air-operated braking mechanism program, the power guiding and the Volvo Protection Cab. Up to now, it has been along the same lines of Volvo automobiles.

The tale about the Powerhouse range would be imperfect without enjoying the Powerhouse TIPTOP/F88 that became the first Volvo F-type (forward control/cab-over) automobile to have unmatched achievements globally.


New Era – Truly international Volvo trucks

Despite the worldwide attention to some of the F-trucks, United States and Australia marketplaces have always given main concern to the N-type (conventional) automobiles. For such places, Volvo provided the N10/12 and NL10/12 sequence. In addition, these provide were met with passion, especially in South America. The extensive approval was obtained due to ideal bond to the floor, which provided amazing cross-country flexibility. Besides, in case of most difficult off-road circumstances, the N members of the family involved all-wheel-drive editions.

The Existing – one great member of the family, countless variety of versions

The most popular Volvo automobiles at the existing are part of the FH members of the family. Considering the excellent worldwide identification of Volvo FH12/16, it could be right to understand the acronym ‘FH’ as ‘Fantastic History’. However, the authentic significance is ‘Forward management High entry’ (the figures after the characters take a position for engine potential in liters).

The FH was beat by the F-series, popular for being built with either of two new automated gearbox systems: the Powertrain and the Geartronic, made by Volvo in 80s. This culture was increased by such FH enhancements as the trademarked Volvo Engine Brake (VEB), a person airbag in an automobile (for the first used in 1995) and, for sure, the highly effective engine with the outcome from 420 and 540 hip to 750 hp.